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Bulkhead Reconciliation

Isaac: Daina? Daina! Okay, you're right. I do need your help. talk to me.
Daina: Look, Isaac, we don't have to be friends. But like it or not, we're stuck together. Tiedemann's your enemy, not me. Alright, I've found you a new route.
Isaac: Fine. So where the hell am I? How did another necromorph outbreak get started?
Daina: You're on Titan Station, orbiting Saturn. As for the outbreak... shit, Tiedemann's jamming my signal...

Popsicle sticks

Orderly TPS Report 1418: The recent realization that the popsicle sticks were being constructed into Marker-like miniatures for over a year has led to a search of the unit for any other such phenomena.
It appears wide-spread, with Marker forms being made out of medication bottles, hypodermic needles, and even toiletry items like nail clippers and tweezers. The research teams have all been notified of the discovery.
  • TPS定期リポート1418:棒アイスの形状がいつのまにか「Markerのミニチュアのような形」になっている事が明らかになったが、どうやらこの形状になってから既に1年以上が経過しているようだ。このような現象が他にないかを調査してみたところ、薬瓶、注射器、果ては爪きりやピンセットと言った日用品に到るまで、その現象は想像以上に多く存在している事がわかった。この件に関しては今後さらに調査を続ける必要があるだろう。

Shit the bed

Orderly TPS Report 1138: Patient 3 has again shit the bed. Patient continues to draw what looks like a Marker in anything she can, including her own faces. Her trembling hands have reached a point where she cannot feed, drink or bathe herself. Her outlook is uncertain. Entry end.
  • TPS定期リポート1138:患者番号三番がまたベッドに脱糞した。あの患者はMarkerのように見えるものをあらゆるものに描こうとし続ける癖がある。ちなみに「あらゆるもの」には彼女自身の顔も含む。彼女の手の震えは酷く、既に自ら食事を取ったり、飲み物を飲んだり、入浴する事さえ困難な程である。彼女を今後どう扱うべきかについてはまったくの不透明である。記録終了。

Orderly TPS Report: 1411

The patients are becoming agitated and combative with us, as a result of the new regimens of memory erasing drugs. They no longer remember who we are from day to day and must be convinced to leave their cells each morning. Many are so frightened they require sedation to get to the interrogation chamber. Orderly Gousetis was bitten 3 times by Patient six, who now must be told why he has a broken jaw every morning.
  • 新たな記憶消去薬を処方した結果、患者達は興奮しやすくなり、次第に反抗的な態度を強めています。日を追うごとに彼らは我々のことを忘れ始めており、彼らを部屋から出すために毎回苦労して説得しなくてはならない程です。彼らの多くは異常に怯え、鎮静剤を打たなければカウンセリングルームにたどり着くことすら出来ません。患者番号6番は、用務員のGousetisへこれまで三度、噛みつきました。そして毎日彼はその事を忘れるので、我々は彼の顎が砕けた理由を彼自身に毎朝説明しなければならなくなりました。


Chairman Donovan, this is Doctor Brooks. I've said this many times, and I'll say it again. I don't like the secrecy behind the new labs they've installed in the psych wing. It's been three years, and we don't have the faintest clue what's going on. Such secrecy has no place in an open and free society. Their networks are so isolated that we can't even tell they have one, let alone sift through it to see if anything unethical is taking place right under our noses.

If we don't get some traction on this soon. I'm going to go to Tiedemann, and insist on a formal review of these policies.

Brooks out.
  • Donovan主任宛。Dr.Brooksより。これまで散々言ったと思うが、今回も同じ事を言わせてもらおう。精神科病棟に出来た新しいラボの秘密主義は全く気に食わない。あれが出来て三年経ったが、我々はあの場所に関する情報を全く与えられていない。開放的で自由であるべきこの現代社会において、あのような秘密主義がまかり通っていい筈があろうか。厳重に隔離されているあそこで一体どんな外道な実験を繰り返していると言うんだ。しかもそれが我々のごく身近で行われているだなどと!


Attn: Reception desk

Please refer all registrants complaining of anxiety and/or psychological problems to the other hospitals in the area. We're booked and running low on mood-elevating medications. With the recent CEC layoffs and the increased tensions between Unitologists and EarthGov. I thought that was enough of a spike in cases. This new wave is something entirely different.

Dr. Brian Alpers
Department of Psychology
  • 注意:レセプションデスク宛。

Dr. Brian Alpers


Maintenance report 384-003:

Stasis bed 000567844. replaced tachyon unit. degaussed emitter array. calibrated Heisenberg forks. Induction coil still not firing in sequence. Testing for shattered matrix. Called in to dispatch to cancel next appointment, this may take all day.
  • メンテナンスレポート384-003

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