Log 03

Sally 3


From: Sally Hennen

To: Marion Hennen

Marion. I'm just going to leave this log here for you to find when you come get the rest of my stuff. I hope I don't forget anything, this is a really big deal! The 'rebirth' is going to happen very very soon, just like they said! This is a very special time, like, once in a lifetime. Actually once in a million lifetimes! They say we've been preparing for this since before we were human! Do you know how special that makes us? We're the ones who get to see it! I'm so excited my skin is tingling. I've got chills! Okay, I've got to go. The ceremonies begin in a half-hour, I don't want to be late. Bye sis, I love you so so much. Come join us! Haha, k, bye.
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Titan Station Church of Unitology

Recruiting Report: Perry Gibeaux

Vested Member

Tithe status: Fully paid

Recruiting has slowed down markedly in the last few weeks. This is surely due to EarthGov's recent slander campaign, painting us as carpetbaggers and insurrectionists in the press. Regents from the Churches at Venus Waypoint and the Heliopause Observer are shocking in later this week to strategize a response. Expect additional budget to be allocated to Public Relations and Media to combat this trend. Also, the CEC layoffs continue to negatively affect recruiting targets, we're down almost 30% year-on-year.

Gibeaux out.
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    新規信者勧誘活動についての報告:Perry Gibeaux



Altman's Footsteps

Altmans's Footsteps

A publication for the folllowers of Micheal Altman

We, the children of the Marker, grow tired of the oppressive, thinly-veiled attacks from EarthGov on our rights to worship as we see please. Reduced hours of operation for the Church. Fire marshal restrictions on the size of revival events, permits needed to distribute literature. These are all poorly concealed attempts to quash the truth. OUR TRUTH. And they will not succeed. The blasphemous, short-sighted, reckless, destructive and hopeless path that EarthGov has us on is a dead end. One that only Unitology has the answer to. Altman has forseen it, and we are blessed to execute it. Prepare yourselves brothers and sisters.
Convergence is nigh.
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    Michael Altmanを信ずる者達へ


Titan Part 2

United Sapcefaring Guild History series


PART 2 of 2

A large colony was established on Titan to study the moon's every seismic detail and prepare it for disassembly. As the operation got under way, the orbital platforms that assisted with the work became the prototypes for the planetcrackers that would soon follow.

Titan was successfully "cracked" and harvested, only slightly behind schedule. It was a major boost for the then-beleaguered population on Earth, who believed their extinction from lack of resources was imminent.

Titan's harvest was halted before the entire moon was dissembled, leaving the small shard where the original colony had started. From here, the station grew in leaps and bounds as the new era of planetcracking got underway, serving as both a critical research outpost, and with the advent of shockpoint drives, a way station for all planetcracking missions going forward.

It is now whimsically known as the Sprawl, for having done just that over the many years of its operation.
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