Log 07

Personal Log: Howard Phillips

Personal Log: Howard Phillips
Record number: 497

They hate me. They all hate me. I can see them all. They're everywhere now. just perched, watching me. Even ANTI. She's just waiting until old Howards Phillips finally goes crazy and snaps, like he did when he let the birds out, violated all the codes, broke all the rules. I'll show them crazy. I'll show them what it takes to get out of here. They'll have to come up here and clean up all this blood, and then what rules will they make? I'll break those too. I'm going to go lay down. I don't feel right.
  • 個人ログ、Howard Philips、記録ナンバー497。あいつらに嫌われた。あいつら全てが私の事を嫌っている。あいつらはそこら中にいる。止まり木に止まって私を見つめている。まるであのANTIみたいじゃないか。彼女はこの私、年老いたHoward Philipsの気が狂って自殺するのを待ち構えている。誰かこの鳥かごをぶち壊してくれ、法律だのルールだの、もう沢山だ。いいだろう、狂ってやるとも。ここから出て行けるなら、やってやるとも。誰かがこの血痕を掃除しに来る、そしたら……次はどんなルールを追加するつもりだろうな?それだってくそくらえだ。ああ、気分が悪くなってきた。ベッドに横になる。

Personal Log: Howard Phillips

Personal Log: Howard Phillips
Record number: 466

I've been trying to stay out of range of ANTI's interfaces as much as I can. I don't want to hear her excuses anymore about my transfer requests. Every time I ask, I just get computerized bullshit.&bold()&bold()Twenty-three requests! I've put in twenty-three requests, and not one response. I know she's lying, I know she never sent them.&bold()&bold()I showed ANTI, though. I let all my birds out of their cages at lunch! It was beautiful, they were all flying around, free and happy. I wish I could be them. ANTI was spouting regulations and talking about "abnormal profiles." I didn't care. I danced with the birds all day. I love my birds. I want to go home.
  • 個人ログ、Howard Philips、記録ナンバー466。私はANTIの監視インターフェイスの視界に出来るだけ入らないようにしている。私の異動希望が叶えられない事に対する彼女の言い訳はもうたくさんだ。あの件について彼女に問うたびに帰って来るのはイカれた機械合成音声の応答だけだ。23通!23回も要求したんだぞ、それなのに一編の返事すら帰って来ないってのはどう考えてもおかしい。ああ、知ってるとも、彼女は嘘つきだってな。あいつは私の要求を上に伝えてなどいないんだ。

Personal Log: Howard Phillips

Personal Log: Howard Phillips
Record number: 302

I want to go home. ANTI claims she didn't get a response to my transfer request. but it's the FIFTH one. How could there be five requests, and no response? Surely someone is getting them? Someone is reading them?

I hate to admit it, but the loneliness up here is really more intense than I expected. I think it's starting to affect me.

The only good news is that ANTI claims to have authorized my shipment request. They're supposed to be arriving later today. But I can't believe anything she tells me.

I've been asking for so long, it's hard to believe they might actually let me have my birds. Time will tell. Tonight will tell. actually
  • 個人ログ、Howard Philips、記録ナンバー302。家に帰りたい。ANTIは私が送った異動要求に対する返事が返って来ていないと言っている。もう5通も送っているのに一通も返事が無いなんてありえないだろう?本当に上は私の要求を受け取っているのか?誰かちゃんとあれを読んだ人間はいるのか?





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