Log 14


General Machette, this is Sergeant Fattouh, I've located the RIG signals for the remaining 143 sector G personnel. They are locked in and tracking to evac. Shuttle fleet confirms capacity, and are standing by. How did an evacuation get authorized? Tiedemann's going against every protocol for this situation. Now it's too late to stop it, and there's just a mad dash to get everyone off! He must feel responsible for what's happening, and is trying to save as many as he can.
  • Machette将軍閣下、こちらFattouh軍曹。セクターGの生存者143名のRIG信号を確認済み。彼らは退避活動を行っています。シャトル船団は彼らを受け入れるに十分な規模であり今待機している状態です。しかしなぜ退避活動は認可されたのでしょうか?Tiedemannはこの状況下であらゆる手続きに違反しています。今それを止めるにしても遅すぎる状況なので、必死になって皆を救出しているところです!彼は今おきている出来事に責任を感じているに違いありません。そしてできるだけ多くの人間を救おうとしているのです。


Tiedemann, this evacuation is illegal, you KNOW THAT.

Don't you dare tell me what I can and cannot do on my own station. My grandfather was running this place long before you were crapping your diapers, young man.

I don't need a lecture from you, and you know I'm right. Project protocol specifically forbids evacuation in the event of a breach!

I have spent my whole life in service of this community and I will not stand here and watch them die for some project protocols. Now get to your shuttle, we can argue about this nonsense in court, assuming we both live to discuss your precious protocols.

Very well sir.

  • 「Tiedemann、この退避活動は違法だ。貴方もそれがわかっているはずでしょう。」

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